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Summary: It's the 1930s, the time of the Great Depression, and Gotham has been hit just like any other city. But Gotham is different; it has the Bat Man to protect it, and an insane ex-mobster known as the Joker to threaten it right back.
Rated: General
Categories: Romance, Drama Characters: Batman, Harley Quinn, Joker, Poison Ivy
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Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes
Word count: 3301 Read: 15402
Published: 03/06/07 Updated: 03/06/07
Story Notes:
This came from a little daydream of mine about making a more "realistic" adventure (no special powers, blah blah blah) combined with the visuals of the early Batman TAS episodes. As you can see, people's backgrounds have been twisted about a bit, combining comics, cartoons, films, and flights of fancy, but I hope they still work.

1. Comedy Hour by zoedoll [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1751 words)
When the Joker meets a certain chorus-girl with a background in psychiatry, that that can only spell trouble for the Bat. And the Joker. And her.

2. Flowers In Alleys by zoedoll [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstar (1550 words)
Pamela Isley is no-one's doormat anymore, and when she meets the broken and bruised Harley Quinn she wants to make her that strong too. Of course, the Joker's not too pleased.