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It was a usual day. The joker was sitting at his desk working on plans and Harley was watching him. Then a thought struck her. She quietly went away to the kitchen and came back with a bag. The joker heard a slight pop. He turned his head and saw that Harley had opened a bag of Cheetos. He watched as she slowly drew out the first one and set the end of it in her mouth. Crunch crunch crunch. The cheese snack gradually disappeared behind her bright red lips. She ate three more and then she brought her hand to her face. Her little pink toung popped put and began to lick away the cheesy residue on her fingers. Crunch crunch crunch. Another orange stick gone. He couldn’t take it anymore. “Harley I want some.” “Corse pudinn.” She sat down next to him and tiled the bag in his direction. After he ate one she was about to reach in the bag for another. “Wait let me catch up first!” Harley made a pouty face and waited until he had eaten four more. Then they switched off. He ate one she ate one until there was only one left. “Guess we’ll have to share.” He picked up the last one and bit it in half. Harley finished the Cheetos. They licked There fingers and looked at the empty bag in despair. Then he noticed Harley’s lips were covered in cheesy crumbs. She was about to lick them of but he stopped her and said “Allow me.” He kissed her. She giggled “I think you missed some.” “Don’t push you luck Harley girl.” He said with an amused smile. And Harley decided to buy Cheetos more often.
Chapter End Notes:
well that was interesting a romantic story about eating Cheetos... well maybe it isn't romantic its kind of cheesy. see what I did there! well enough puns for now. please rate this and tell me what you think!

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