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Story Notes:
A little one-shot I wrote after my science final.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Hello again.
She was late.
Her alarm clock didn’t go off.
How could it? It was sitting in pieces at the bottom of the plastic black trashcan underneath the desk her bedroom. She’d knocked it over by mistake the previous morning. She had planned to purchase another one from the Dollar Tree on her way home from work that afternoon.
She had forgotten.
A simple trail of mistakes that would only lead her to trouble later today.
She had time to properly apply her makeup, but her messy blonde curls would have to remain untamed for the time being.
She quickly slid on her nude panty hose, followed by her high waist pencil skirt. At the same pace, she buttoned up her red silk blouse and tucked it into the hem of her skirt, which came just above her navel. She practically jumped into her black pumps before speeding out the door of her studio apartment.
She rushed to her small black Volkswagen. She was entirely aware of her passing the speed limit and was grateful that she wasn’t pulled over.
Within ten minutes she stood outside her office, jamming her key into the lock and turning it.
“You’re late.” The familiar voice of her amused boss stood behind her.
“I know” She responded with apparent annoyance.
Dr. Arkham’s voice gave Harleen a headache faster than a screaming child.
“He’s waiting.”
Harleen sighed as her office door was finally unlocked.
“I know.”


After grabbing her I.D. badge from her office and carefully clipping it to the ride side of her red blouse, Harleen rushed down to maximum security.
She quickly showed the guard her badge and he let her pass.
She practically ran to his cell before stopping to recompose herself.
She took a deep breath and smoothed her skirt before opening the cell door.
On the concrete floor he sat, neatly tucked in his straight jacket.
The entire cell had been completely destroyed.
His pillow was ripped to shreds leaving feathers everywhere.
The bed had been thrown against the opposite wall.
The small metal chair she usually sat on during the sessions was bent and broken.
Harleen swallowed hard and braced herself.
“Where were you?” His voice was dark and he didn’t look at her.
“I overslept.” She sounded weak. Young.
Like a child stuttering an invalid excuse at teacher will fifty years of experience under his belt.
“Oh, did you? Well, I’m glad you got your precious eight hours, sleeping beauty.” He spat.
She flinched at the cold edge to his voice.
“As for me, I got to sit alone for an extra hour and a half as opposed to receiving the therapy I’ve been locked down here to sit through.” The volume of his voice increased.
Harleen’s mixed feelings of guilt and fear kept her from speaking and she looked at her feet.
How could she do this? He barely received any human contact already.
She felt so horrible for doing this to him.
She began to put together the words of her apology in her mind before looking back up.
“I’m sorry,” She began as her head rose to look at him.
She froze.
He was pacing around the cell, the undone straight jacket on the floor behind him.
“You know, kiddo, I’ve never skipped out on you. Not. Once.” He looked up from the floor as he paced to look her in the eye.
He let out a trail of hearty laughter.
Harleen had acted fast and was already pulling at the door knob that had locked behind her.
“Oh, aren’t you a quick little minx!” He laughed again before grabbing her and pinning her beneath him against wall opposite the door.
“Trying to skip out *again*, Pudding?” He growled in her face.
“We haven’t even talked yet.”
Her blue eyes were the size of saucers as she squirmed slightly.
She suddenly stooped.
She had to get a hold of herself.
“Let me go. Now.” She made her voice as strong as possible.
Her confidence broke once more when he laughed at her.
“You aren’t in any position to be telling me what to do, Dollface.”
He suddenly forced his knee between her legs.
Harleen reacted immediately.
“No! Please!” Her voice was strained.
He licked his scars as he watched her thrash around, trying to escape his grasp.
“Stop, please! Think about what you’re doing!”
He put his face in the crook of her neck and inhaled deeply.
“Oh, believe me, I have.”
Harleen shuddered violently.
She froze as he inhaled her scent once more.
After her let out what seemed to be a sigh of content, Harleen knew she had to do something fast.
She wasn’t sure why she said it.
“If the guards were to find you attempting this, you won’t ever see me again!”
He let out another sigh; one of irritation. He then lifted his head out of her neck to make eye contact.
His eyes were cloudy and lidded as he waited for her to continue, as if he finally thought her point was valid.
“Listen, you’ll be in solitary confinement. You’ll never see me or any other doctor. Just a guard who’ll shove food through a small hatch and leave before you’ll have time to tell even a knock-knock joke. You won’t have an audience…and that’s all you really want, isn’t it?” Her voice was soft.
He licked his scars again.
“I’m not letting you ruin my fun with your stupid theories.”
He stared at her as if they were both in a play and he was waiting for her to deliver the next line.
“Fine. Go ahead then. At least I won’t have to waste my time and my degree treating you day in and day out.” Her voice was cold as ice.
And she knew it cut him deep.
He removed his knee and slammed her against the wall.
Her vision blurred slightly but she didn’t cry out.
“You think you’ve got it all figured out, don’t you?” He growled
Her head made contact with the wall again.
“You think you’ve got me figured out. Well, let me tell you something, cupcake. You aren’t in control here.”
His grip around her upper arms increased.
“I know everything about you, doc. I know that you graduated last year from the university in Star City. I know that your mother killed herself. And I know that you were late because you broke a cheap alarm clock.”
Harleen, even in her half consciousness, was less than shocked. She suspected that The Joker had hired someone to track her.
When she didn’t respond to The Joker’s rant, he slammed her against the wall again.
“Stay awake, little Harley; don’t want you to miss anything.” He taunted.
She had to get him to stop. She was going to pass out.
He moved to slam her against the wall once more.

“I’m sorry!” She croaked.

He stopped.
His grip suddenly eased.
As she fell off the wall into his arms, The Joker chuckled.
He heard the rushing feet of the guards towards his cell.
The Joker held Harleen in his arms and fondly petted her hair.
As she began to lose consciousness, Harleen whimpered again, "I'm sorry"
The Joker chuckled once more.

“Good girl.”


A minor concussion was all Harleen received out of the session.
She was allowed to leave work early to get some extra sleep.
She returned to work ten minutes early the next day.
She unlocked her office door and stepped inside.
Before turning on the lights, Harleen took an aspirin to help with the headache that was still going strong.
She set down her purse and hung her jacket on the hook behind her door.
She finally flipped the light switch, flooding the room with illumination.
She walked to her desk and pulled out the chair to catch up on paperwork.

Sitting on the seat of the swivel chair was a small purple alarm clock.

Harleen swallowed hard and took another aspirin.
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed it!

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