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Story Notes:
Loosely based off of The Joker Blogs (The video series on Youtube. Look it up! Its really excellent) Sadly, (and obviously) I do not own any rights to these characters or anything associated with DC Comics, Batman, The Joker, etc. Enjoy!
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is just the first chapter!
Harleen Quinzel was the young new doctor in Arkham Asylum, and everyone knew it. It might of been that she wasn't a day over 23, and all the other therapists were over 40. It might of been her enthusiastic greetings to every person she interacted with. Or it might of been that she had the sweet face that you wouldn't forget, and had never entered the building before this morning. With her blonde hair in a slightly messy bun, her big blue eyes under reading glasses, a tight yet respectable black pencil skirt, and a crisp off-white blouse, she was indeed gorgeous. Not that she knew much of it. Her black stilettos clicked softly as she checked in with the secretary. "Are you a college student visiting, dear?" The woman behind the desk asked. "Huh? Oh. No. Actually, I'm the new therapist, Dr. Quinzel" Harleen said politely, and promptly left so she wouldn't be late on her first day. Because she left so quickly, she didn't hear the older woman mutter, "Poor thing won't last 10 minutes..."

"Hello Dr. Quinzel, I'm Jeramiah Arkham." Harleen shook his hand. "Sorry if I'm a bit eager, Dr. Arkham. I'm a bit excited to start working." She said smiling a bit. He chuckled a bit. "Oh no apologies needed. I was the same for the first week or so working here." He responded as he walked her to her new office. Jeramiah Arkham was born into this business. He was about 29 or 30, fit, decent looking, and happily married. He explained her schedule, (she was working with about 5 non-violent patients) and said she could go around the entire hospital. Including the bottom floor, where all the famous, usually violent, super villains were. Harleen had always wanted to see some of the great villains of Gotham, like The Scarecrow or Poison Ivy. She hurried down, and found a guard. She handed him the note Dr. Arkham gave her, and the guard pushed a code in, and Harleen walked past him. All eyes were on the petite blonde as she walked down the dark hallway slowly. Many of them staring, some of them glaring at her. They all were trying to get her attention. She found a cell with a red headed woman (who was probably about 28 or so) petting a giant fern. The woman turned to her and smiled. Poison Ivy. "My name is Pamela." "Hello Pamela. I'm Harleen. Your plants are lovely." She added with a small smile before walking to the next cell. She was still beaming at her when Harleen looked back at her a few minutes later. Harleen looked through all the cells, and usually, she was greatly disturbed. One or two of the male patients were licking the glass as they stared at her. And *ahem* a few were..pleasuring themselves as she walked by. By the time she was at the end of the hall, she was rather intrigued and rather scared. She walked by the last cell, and read the name plate. “Patient 4479” She looked up and jumped-Quite literally jumped- when she realized this patient was right in front of her, staring. If it wasn’t for the glass, his face would have been dangerously close to touching hers. His dark eyes were locked onto her, and she felt as though she couldn’t move. He had long, curly dark green locks. It was unethical that he was wearing clown makeup in the hospital. It was smeared white grease paint, black smudged circles around his eyes, and messy red lipstick covered his infamous scars from the corners of his mouth almost the then complete side of his cheeks, curled grimly into what looked like a smile. Harleen almost couldn’t breathe as she stared into the eyes of the most feared and dangerous man in Gotham. The Joker.
“Well, hello beautiful” Harleen finally could move again. “And your name is?” Harleen cleared her throat. “I am Dr. Quinzel.” “What’s your first name? “ Harleen stayed quiet. “What? Is there something wrong with my face?” He tilted his head. Harleen had no idea why, but It was arguably the scariest moment in her short life. Harleen darted down the hallway, anxious for the safety of her office.
Chapter End Notes:
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