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Story Notes:
im going off my first kiss with my joker^_^
The lights over head flickered, lighting up his face and that grin. the gin the rest of the world feared, but to her melted her heart. " now my dear why would i hurt you?" he said inching closer. she know he couldnt, the guard outside would step in if he went out of her confort. she never would admit out loud that he truely had no limits. and despite what the inmates said about him not having any sexual drive she know they were wrong. he had revealed already about the very few women he has had "relations" with since the accident. and it made her jelious. those women got to taste those lips, run their hands through that beautiful green hair. "Dr. Quinzeel? Are we gonna talk or are you just gonna stare off into space? i mean it doesnt matter to me i have all the time in the world. im here for life. thanks to batsy." The joker wrapped his arm around Dr. quinzeel." you know im not a bad man."
" you say that, but yet you have killed hundards of people in cold blood." joker turned her face to his." technaclly yes, but that doesnt make me a bad guy." he spoke so soft. and he was so warm. he was truely a charming man. 'what is wrong with me? i want to kiss this man. and i shouldnt' "you know you want to."
"exuse me. i want to what?" he moved closer. running his hand through her hair." kiss me. i dont blame you i would want to too if i was you."
" alittle cocky there arent you?" harleen said standing up and starting across the room. joker jumped off the couch blocking her way." move would you i have other patients who arent convinced that i want to have sex with them." she pushed him out of the way. " i never said you wanted to have sex with me. but now i think you do." the joker grabbed her arm whipping her around." now be a good little girl." he leaned down kissing her hard. moving his free hand through her hair. he was so sweet, he tasted like a mix of candy and coffee. she pulled closer to him to take more in. there was a twist of the door handle. they flow apart." dr. quinzeel your next appointment is."
"thank you greg. mr j we will finish this at another time." she allowed the joker past." you know we will." damn that smile. and that fucking charm.

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