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Author's Chapter Notes:
I dont think Joker is allergic to anything. I just made it up for this story. What is namtabium? batman spelled backwards with ium. Keep Reading!
Joker felt like crap. He wanted to sit up, but a previous experience that happened 5 minutes ago warned him not to. He held his head in his hands and wished it would just explode. Then maybe someone could paste it back together and the pain would be gone. Or maybe whatever was in there throwing a party would have its parents come home and ground him. He laughed and instantly regretted it. His stomach didn’t like being shaken and decided to remind him of that.
“Harley.” He called in a raspy voice. God, even his eyes burned. Where was she? This was one instance when he actually would appreciate some mothering. Seeing as he couldn’t as much as get out of bed. His whole body was feverish, but when he had shoved the covers off he’d felt like he was stuck in the ice age.
“Ha-rley” He called again. Ouch, that hurt he wasn’t doing that again. He heard the door open and someone walk in. Someone opened the bedroom door and he grinned.
“Hey Harls.” Then he blacked out as someone rushed to his side. Hope that’s Harley, he thought, otherwise waking up will be awkward.

Several Days Previously

Ivy couldn’t believe she’d let Harley go last month. Joker was a bastard and Ivy didn’t trust him. One day, he’d finish the job and Ivy didn’t want to think of that. Problem was, the Clown was untouchable. Somehow, someone needed to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately, the only one who shared her sentiments, and was serious about it was Two-Face. And the three of them didn’t really see eye to eye. Think, she thought as she sat down. Harley was always talking about their relationship, surely something had slipped. Some weakness, besides the fact he loved mint chocolate ice-cream with gummy bears. Who remembers that kind of stuff?! Think, she commanded.
“Puddin likes”-no
“He can’t stand”-NO
“This one time-“–NO!
“It’s weird, he’s highly”-Arghh!
Ivy slammed her fist into the table. Why couldn’t she remember an important conversation with Harley!? It wasn’t as if- wait, what was that last one? She closed her eyes in concentration. They had been discussing about how Joker began. The incident at the Ace Chemical factory. The toxins changed him and one of the main ingredients was namtabium. Joker had a severely negative reaction to it. She smiled. Perfect.
Once she knew what to use, the rest was easy. Buying namtabium on the black market took awhile, but after she had it the rest was easy. Inserting the powder into one of her plants was simple. She did it all the time with different chemicals. She potted the plant and left it at Joker’s hideout. For the next couple of days, at any sign of motion the plant would spray some of the powder. It was sure to come into contact with Joker at some point.

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