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Story Notes:
My first submission, so please rate. ^.^ I guess i have to put a declaimer. It's just the usual, the characters do not belong to me but to their respective owners. Which rock. Just saying.
The Joker was breaking down again.
Harley found him in his usual state whenever he went into these rare occurrences of distress: hunched over a chair embracing it, head down on the smooth, cool surface as tears fall with a pitter on the seat from his closed eyes.
Slowly Harley moved towards him, barely making a sound. Only the small, child-like sobs that came from the Joker and the soft pitter disturbed the silence in the room. Harley quietly kneeled down next to her puddin', admiring the beauty that radiated from him even in this misery.
The harlequin smoothly unwrapped his arms around the chair, in turn neatly folding them around her own neck. Grabbing the Joker under the armpits, she pushed herself and him up, so that she supported his full body weight. Immediately he nestled his face into Harley's neck, dampening her costume with the still-flowing tears.
Slowly Harley dragged herself and the Joker towards his bedroom. They made slow progress, but for Harley the work of it all was worth it. It didn't happen everyday that she was able to get this close to her sweet heart.
Just as they were nearing the bed, Harley's knee gave way because of the tremendous pressure, causing her to stumble. When she stumbled, she and the Joker went down. Her head hit the bed post, and for an instant all she saw where stars. Stars with Joker's beautiful face within, grinning with all teeth. A sudden streak of pain hit her left cheek, and she let out a hiss. This gesture was fallowed by a shout.
“You dumb piece of trash! Weak! Can't do anything right! Useless! Harley!” He spit the lest word, and poor Harley opened her eyes just in time to see the Joker's white hand raise and slap her again, this time with so much force that her body flipped onto her stomach. Her hand flew to her face where he hit her, tears in her eyes threatening to spill out. Carefully Harley turned her head to face the Joker, then flinched and closed her eyes when she saw something white shoot up. But pain never came, and Harley opened her eyes. The hand was positioned above his head, but this time the veins didn't show against his chalk-white skin as it did whenever he was angry. She looked at his face; his red lips weren't pulled down in a sneer. His forehead wasn't creased in anger, but concern. His eyes showed worry. Slowly the words fell out of his lips.
“Harley, oh Harley. Oh...” His hand slowly came down and caraseaed her injured cheek, bringing her head closer to his. “Oh Harley....” The words came out in a whisper. They where inches away now; Harley itched to stroke his face, entangle her fingers into his silky green hair. But of course she didn't.
Another whisper of 'Oh Harley....' and he kissed her. The kiss was slow and sweet, loving and caring. Harley felt weak, practically going limp. The kiss sent electric shocks through her body; she no longer felt the pain in her cheek. All that mattered was him. Him now. Him forever. Joker. But she wanted more. Harley crept her hand down to his shirt, then creeping her fingers underneath. But that ended as soon as their lips parted and she fell onto the concrete floor.
The Joker straightened himself, then, before Harley can compose herself, scrambled into bed and left Harley panting slightly on the floor. She was eager to get back into bed, but she had the feeling that he wouldn't allow that tonight. With a sigh she propped herself up with the help of her elbows, then stood up. She bounced towards the door, still excited but a bit disappointed. Just as she was about to exit, a small whisper coming from the bed stopped her in her tracks.
“Yes puddin'?”
“Tomorrow I want my pancakes with blueberries.”
“Yes puddin'.” Harley smiled.

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