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Story Notes:
Last one of the series of poems I've been doing...
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Asylum Memories

Mad girl and mad boy together in this house
I get glimpses of you when I least expect it
Your joyous face and grin
How I miss you dearest friend
These doctors call me crazy
Say I love a fiend
Don’t listen to them darling
For I see no fiend but a man in need
Can’t you hear me calling?
I brood for hours in my cell
I know you wish for them to go to hell
Burn for eternity, sing them an elegy
Yet here we are in hell you see
Yes here is Hades and you’re not close to me
Night falls through the glass
Alone I sit and the past it comes to me
I tried to treat your rage
Ink blots and silly words
Those were the games we used to play
Then you molded me like clay and life truly started
You give me meaning
You give me hope
They hear me screaming
Delusional state of mind the say
They come, I’m crying, they won’t let me see you
I can listen to your mirth
Exactly three doors down
I frown, for how far and yet so close you are my clown
No longer I’m the little jester
My mood is apathetic and gloom it clouds my senses
My life turns black and white
It’s full of false pretenses
My joker gives me life, he does
No point in trying to make us foes
You can’t fix this mad girl
For she is not trapped, she free, she’s a dove
You can’t fix this mad girl!
She’s not mad you see, but madly in love
There’s nothing wrong with her
No matter what Freud has got to say
I must break out
I must be free
I must be next to thee
Soft murmurs in the dark
The jacket it constricts you
You kiss my neck in such true fashion
Then comes a peck, bliss wrapped in ecstasy
Finished with a high dose of passion
Your trembling lips are hungry
Mine feeding you in return
Your warmth it makes me burn and hiss
All this I feel in just one kiss
Sing me a ballad, hush me to sleep
Give me something I can keep
For my heart is keen
My heart is true
All I want to do is hear you whisper
Your sweet laughter high and bright
Will surely bring some color and help me fight
This enormous lack of light
And fix this sad little problem
I happen to call my life
Chapter End Notes:
I hope you enjoyed this series of poems, I don't have much experience writing but I think I did ok..oh, reviews are always welcome, so please do so :)

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