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Story Notes:
Another one of my Emile Autumn inspired poem/stories, I had some good reviews so i gave this one a try..enjoy.
Author's Chapter Notes:
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Absinthe Minded

I sit here and wait patiently
I watch the drops fall slowly
The sweet cube melting
My mind is blank
The smell inviting
One by one they fall
And so the fairy is released
The plans start flowing in my head, the images pass by
The fire, the chaos, the severed members
The sick little lemmings they truly are
They all pass by and now I see her
We swayed and danced, I hope she remembers
Her ice cold blue ones staring back at me
Mon cicatrice, my skin
I feel it tighten, it’s a grin
Sometimes I miss her for weeks
But what is it exactly that I miss?
Is it those soft butterfly kisses on my cheeks?
The emerald liquid starts its deed
She’s Alice lost in wonderland
And I’m her Cheshire cat
I guide her here and there, though
We don’t really go anywhere
The tulips they start growing on my limbs
The gears inside my head are turning
What is it about those cherry lips?
The ones so good to me
Her chirping voice so high in the morrow
Yet calming when I sob at night
She’s Persephone on her way to hell
No, she’s distracting, so
“Back to planning” I try to yell
But all I can seem to think about is her
Licorice on my lips
And a touch of anis
Concentrate now! And do hold still
Padded walls await for me on the hill
I hug myself for hours in that dark place
All I have to keep me going is the thought of her in lace
Bruises here and there
A smile still on her face
The liquid warms my chest, muscles are relaxing
She’s Eve tempted by the snake
Oh yes the plans, what should I make
How can I prove them all wrong?
Show them life’s a joke
Make them shush
Teach them a lesson
That all it takes is a little push
Maybe through assassination
Well a murder or two will have to do
So I can get back to my lair
And have fun tangling your hair
Chapter End Notes:
I hope you liked it, I'm thinking about writing a third and final one, what do you think?

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