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Summary: A Gotham U professor learns a lesson about touching the Joker’s things, and the clowns have a rare moment at christmas.
Rated: General
Categories: Romance, Humor Characters: Harley Quinn
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Published: 24/12/08 Updated: 29/12/08
Story Notes:
So, this is my first attempt at writting a story about the Joker and Harley, so please be kind. I'm new to this, so I don't know some of the details, like Harley's professor's name, so i made one up. Feel free to tell me what it really is, and i'll change it.
I like the story over all, but it seemed to have a mind of its own, and constantedly changes in point of view, and mood, which i hope is not too confusing. My characterization of Harley is also, kind of off, but I tried. My chracterization of the Joker, also came off as too nice, but i do like some of my lines, which I can almost imagine being said by Mark Hamill's Joker, and the Joker also breaks the fourth wall.
Ok, Hope somebody likes it. Please tell me what you think, both positive and negative comments are encouraged.

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