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Summary: Bud and Lou 'fic. Harley isn't the only one who's seen the Joker cry . . . she's just the only one who could ever tell someone else. A ficlet from the POV of the Babies.
Rated: General
Categories: Drama, Humor Characters: Harley Quinn, Joker
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Published: 01/12/08 Updated: 04/12/08

1. Chapter 1 by Bronze Clockwork [Reviews - 15] starstarstarstarstar (1298 words)

While working on "Liliripening," I found myself addressing the question of where Bud and Lou fit into the Nolanverse. Obviously, they could be the Chechen's Rottweilers . . . but there's something about the original hyenas that's weirdly adorable. Hence, this ficlet, which is strictly B:TAS/comicverse.

I labeled this both Drama and Humor because it has elements of both. Where it fits in is, I suppose, up to the reader. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Bud, Lou, Harley Quinn, the Joker, and all characters and concepts associated with them are property of the current owners of the Batman franchise and not of this author. This is a work of fan fiction, created entirely as a homage, and is not intended to draw revenue or otherwise defraud the owners of the original franchise. Please accept this in the spirit in which it was offered—as a work of respect and love, not a claim to ownership.