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Agent of Chaos

“Do I scare you, gorgeous? Is it the scars?”
I whimper as his friend smiles in the light;
Slides down my face as his eyes shine like stars,
Laughing at a joke far beyond my sight
“Want to know how I got ‘em?” No, I don’t.
I shake my head ‘no’ and tremble with fear
I don’t want to hear – I can’t and I won’t!
But his hand’s on my neck, drawing me near.
“Now, when I was your age, I loved a girl.
She had baby blue eyes – kinda like you!
And she had dark hair set in loadsa curls.
We were best friends, but she was always blue
Only once did I see her smile, but God!
Was she damned beautiful when she did smile!
One day, I saw cuts all over her bod,
Which I knew she’d got using her nail file.
Enraged and scared, I yelled at her to stop.
Begged her to hand me the blade she now had.
To her pale, thin scars did her eyes drop,
When she looked at me, I knew she’d gone mad,
For her lips curved up and her teeth flashed white,
But it was a hunter’s smile, feral, fierce
Sapphire eyes blazed and burned, madly and bright
So insane and wild, I felt my heart pierced
With a lunge, she’d pinned me down to the floor,
And held her new best friend to my mouth
I tried to get up and run for the door,
But I couldn’t move, couldn’t scream or shout
‘Aw, come on, honey,’ she purred with a grin
‘Don’t be like that now! Be happy for me!’
And with that, she slid the cold steel blade in,
‘Why so serious, Jack? You’ll soon be free!’
The sharp knife slid through my skin as I screamed,
Pain beyond pain, as she laughed the whole time
‘Why so serious, Jack? You’ll soon be free!’
But she’d used that one blade for the last time.
I shoved her off and grabbed her friend away,
Blood painting the floors different shades of red
With a long-term grin on my face to stay,
I painted the room until she was DEAD!
Now, I can see the funny side to this,
This tale of how I became who I am,
Never again was I that serious,
For my Glasgow smile is that of the damned,”
With that he slipped the blade in, past my lips
His smile turning menacing and angry,
With a strange glint in his dark eyes, he quips,
‘Why so serious, gorgeous? Now you’re free!’
My mind knows now - I’m facing my demise
Cold steel rips through my flesh, sinews and skin
My scream gurgles in my throat, blood in my eyes
“Now, gorgeous, we have matching Cheshire grins!”

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