Summary: She'll let Dr. Leland think she hates him for what he does, but inside her heart, she knows that's why she loves him. After all, that's just his way.
Rated: General
Categories: Romance Characters: Harley Quinn, Joan Leland, Joker
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1608 Read: 4579
Published: 02/08/08 Updated: 02/08/08
Story Notes:
Written in a flurry of words a few nights ago, so I'm not entirely certain it's up to par. But it's not bad, at least. :) I'm not used to fanfiction, much, so please be so kind as to leave a comment!

1. Chapter 1 by IronKitten [Reviews - 28061] starstarstarhalf-star (1608 words)
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