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Author's Chapter Notes:
A recent plan by the Scarecrow has rendered Arkham asylum unuseable and completely empty. The Joker and Harley have moved in and Mister J is working on their next plan.
The padding on the walls was thin and ripped, but she liked it that way. The room was a shadow of its former self. She remembered it well, the endless nights, the strait jackets, the brutality of the guards....and of the Batman. As she walked along the corridors of the monumental structure that had not only been her home but also her workplace she thought about all the different reasons she had been banged up in that little padded cell. They all came back to one man. He was downstairs in the basement just a few stories below, working on whatever it was they were going to do next. “Where did all the time go?” she asked herself out loud. Suddenly there was a loud drilling noise from the stairs. She jumped so high she bumped her head on the padded ceiling. Suddenly the sound stopped and a familiar voice called out to her “Harley!” he called from the office he had adopted as his own. “Be right there mister J!” she cried in response and excitedly ran down the stairs. As she walked through the office door bearing her old boss’s name she saw the old familiar desk. The desk that she had stood in front of on the morning of the day that changed her life forever. The day she met the Joker. He was sitting behind the desk in a purple suit with the coat hung over the corner of the red leather chair, his thinning emerald hair flopped down across half of his disfigured face. “Harley,” he said “everything is ready.” “Ready for what mister J?” she asked, “Ready for our little baby boy.” replied the clown price of crime. He then took a file from one of the drawers in the desk and placed it in front of Harley. She opened it and he watched her face change from shock to disgust and finally into a blood curdling smile. “You like?” he whispered “Like?” she replied, still grinning, “I love!”

“I just can’t work it out Alfred, where could he be?” Bruce Wayne was sitting in the batcave trying to dig up as much as he could about the Joker and his possible whereabouts. “If I may be so bold sir,” said Alfred, “it’s not as if he has committed any crimes of late, might I suggest you try looking for the Scarecrow? He’s been at large for weeks now, and he hasn’t exactly been discreet about it.” “I have Tim and Barbara out looking for him right now, besides it’s the lack of activity from the joker that’s worrying me...he’s planning something big Alfred, I know he is. Our last confrontation was the worst yet. We both nearly died.” “Ah yes,” Alfred remembered, “the narrows if I’m not mistaken. I did warn you about that place.” “And I won’t be visiting it for some time to come Alfred, don’t you worry!” “Oh but I do Master Bruce, I do.” Alfred got into the lift and elevated himself back upstairs to the main hall of Wayne Manor. “Bruce! Bruce! Are you there?” a young boy’s voice came from the intercom. “Yes Tim, I’m here, what is it?” replied Bruce, “I have The Scarecrow knocked out and tied up, I’m taking him in to the station then coming home.” “Good work Robin, I’ll have Alfred prepare some supper for your return.” “Sounds good Bruce. See you in five.” Bruce flicked the intercom off and picked up a different receiver, “Barbara, come in Barbara” he said into the mouthpiece, “I read you Bruce, what is it?” “Tim has rounded up the scarecrow, I think that should be enough for tonight, get yourself home, Jim will be worried.” Yeah,” Barbara laughed, “I’m sure he’s working late at the station as usual! Guess I’ll see you tomorrow then?” “Yeah, I suppose you will.” Bruce clicked the handset off, placed it on his desk and then took the ascent back into Wayne manor.

“Thanks Robin, another job well done.” Commissioner Jim Gordon looked at the boy stood in front of him, bewildered that this child had achieved in one night what would’ve taken the whole police force months. “That’s no problem at all Commissioner, all in a day’s work.” Replied the young Tim Drake “Still, with Arkham out of action, there’s no telling how soon he’ll be back on the streets.” “Well, we’ll always be here to bring him back in Comissioner, don’t you worry about that!” and with that, Robin ran off into the night. As he swung from building to building heading back towards Wayne Manor, Tim couldn’t help but think about how the Scarecrow’s latest scheme had rendered Arkham completely useless...except for a very low key hideout. “Maybe I should just go check it out” he thought to himself, but before he could think twice about it he heard a woman screaming. “HELP! HELP!” without a seconds hesitation he swung down and landed hard on the shoulders of the mugger, just in time to snatch the handbag from his hand and return it to the damsel in distress. “There you go m’am, and have a good night.” “Oh I will...” whispered the woman, in an all too familiar voice, “I’m expecting my first baby, BIRD BOY!” as she span around her hat and wig fell off to reveal the pasty white, insane face of Harley Quinn. But before robin could react he had been hit by something larger hard and wooden. As his vision slowly faded he could hear nothing but the chilling laugh that he had heard too many times before...the unmistakeable laugh of the Joker.
Chapter End Notes:
Any feedback on this would be really good as it's my first attempt at fan fiction of any sort. Just let me know what you think, good or bad, so long as it's constructive!

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