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Motzy on 10/09/08 - 12:48 pm
800 Members
The Joker X Harley Fanfiction Archive now has 800 members!

Welcome, everyone. :)
Motzy on 08/08/08 - 06:48 pm
I've turned off anonymous reviews and cleaned up all (?) of the bot!spam. If you notice any spam residue, feel free to let me know.

I felt that this was the best way to keep this archive spam-free, but if anyone has any objections to this change, please make them known to me!
Motzy on 31/07/08 - 04:00 pm
New admin and layout soon!
Hi to all!

The movie is out, our membership is rising, and for the occasion, we'll soon have a new domain, a new layout and a new admin, Motzy! Please look forward to her awesome stuff :)

TheMadPuppy on 27/07/08 - 11:19 am
Site opened!
The Joker X Harley Fanfiction Archive is now officially opened!
TheMadPuppy on 03/06/07 - 03:07 pm